PMP Exam Preparation Strategy in 21 Days

PMP Exam Preparation Strategy in 21 Days

Being a PMP Trainer, I suggested a customized PMP Exam Preparation Strategy to a friend who was going to take PMP exam in 21 Days. The same strategy is being shared with you to support your preparation. Please note that you may have to customize it according to your situation and preparation style.

Assumption: You have read PMBOK 4th Edition and Rita’s PMP Exam Preparation 6th Edition earlier. You have scheduled your exam on 22nd day.

Day 1: Remember all formulas of Time & Cost Management. PMBOK page 43 chart of 42 processes.
(You should write down all that on white paper before you start the exam; after entering the exam room).

Day 2 – 10: Quickly go through PMBOK chapter by chapter (not in detail). And everyday take 60 Questions on any Exam simulation software. Your target should be 1 Question Per Minute.

Day 11: Take a day off to relax. (Yeah, I am too nice)

Day 12 – 16: No book reading just practice the formulas and chart. Also take 100 Questions every day. (Do you reach 1 Question Per Minute?)

Day 17: Take a day off to relax and calm. Prepare yourself psychologically for pressure. Remind yourself that you can do it, you won’t fail and also what if you do. (NO BIG DEAL). It is not end of the World. You just have to focus on all positive energies.

Day 18 – 20: No book readings. Still practice the formulas and chart. Now take 200 Questions everyday.
(If you have NOT reached 1 Question per Minute – postpone the exam).

Day 21: Check your documents, exam time, exam location etc to avoid extra pressure on the day of exam. Be at the exam facility at least 30 minutes earlier. Go to washroom, drink/eat to make sure you don’t take out any time from exam as the exam takes 4 hours. Be relaxed and ready to be PMP Certified Insha-Allah. Revise Exam Taking Tips from Rita’s Exam Preparation 6th Edition.

1 Questions Per Minute Policy:I strongly recommend this to my attendees and it works. With this policy, you will finish the exam in 200 minutes. If any questions is taking more than One minute, FLAG it and come back in revision time. Make sure you revise the exam in remaining 40 minutes. Don’t leave any questions unanswered.

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